JHS Celebrates Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa
By Moreen Lacsamana

Performance of Sabayang Pagbasa of 12-Biyo

Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa, the long awaited celebration in the month of August, has arrived and students of Makati Science High School have once again showcased their different skills and talents in using the Filipino language in different activities.

With the theme for this month’s celebration- “Wikang Filipino, Wikang Mapagbago”, teachers of the Filipino Department have prepared many activities for each grade level to challenge the minds of the students on how they can portray their ideas and artistry with the use of our own language. The following list below is the announced winners for each contest in their perspective batches.

Pagsulat ng Dagli

3rd place: Corrine Famero (Copernicus)
2nd place: Aliah Roque (Edison)

Interpretatibong Pagsayaw (Grade 8)

3rd place: 8- Pasteur
2nd place: 8- Hooke
1st place: 8- Mendel

As the students from the lower grade levels continue to rise up to the challenge, sections from Grade 9 and 10 also impressed the panel of judges and the audience with their interpretative performances for Sabayang Pagbigkas. Standing out from the rest were sections 9-Bohr and 10-Newton, making them first place for their batch competitions.

Many students enjoyed as they practice hard for their competitions. Not only did they learn and gained more appreciation for our language, but they also savored the time in doing so.

As the month-long celebration ends, students have presented their ideas well through the use of our own language. But it does not mean that the appreciation and understanding for Filipino should stop as the month finishes, rather it should continue to blossom and truly grasp the idea of the month’s theme, “Wikang Filipino, Wikang Mapabago”.

Buwan ng Wika is not just a culminating activity in school; it is also a reminder for every Filipino that our language will lead towards our country’s improvement and change, and the students of Makati Science High School have expressed that realization through their sublime presentations.

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