MakScians: Providing the World with Excellence

You cannot have a better tomorrow if you are always thinking about yesterday. Though the school has acquired several recognitions and awards from being an institute of excellence in the past, it still keeps its low profile and instead, furthering its progress in terms of new learning techniques, up-to-date educational materials, and high-end facilities. The school preserves its holistic and instructive experience while at the same time; efficiently and effectively incorporates the latest trends in technology and education in the curriculum. Makati Science High School has been, and will always be, walking on its road of success.

As a response, the students themselves excel on their own individually. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well is their absolute goal. MakScians help one another, especially those less privileged that are more prominent in this school’s population. This just proves how the school provides an environment of equality and gender-sensitivity despite the social status differences. Makati Science High School supplies our country outstanding and globally competitive students that outclass all others.

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