The Canteen, situated at the ground level of the campus, consists of 6 long 10-seater table and 3 rectangular red 4-seater table. The Canteen offers different varieties of food from your old-time favorite junk foods to healthy, nutritious rice meals or soups.



    The Sanitation Station (SanStation), hidden behind the shrubs and greenery at the ground level of the campus, serves as the refilling station for the SanKit given to the students last 2007 by the local government. The SanKit consists of a hand sanitizer, tissue paper, and a nail cutter.

    San Station


    The Audio Visual Room (AVR), located at the second floor of the school building, serves as the room for presentations, contests, programs, and other formal/informal gathering of the faculty and students such as Musical Plays, Short role-playing activities, and Film Viewings.



    The Conference room, situated at the second floor of the school building, is the venue for most of the school’s seminars and meetings.

    Conference Room


    The ICT laboratory, located at the second floor of the school building, consists of 50 high-end computers equipped with fast internet connection. This is where hands-on activities and lectures are held for the subject ICT.

    ICT Lab


    The Speech Laboratory, located at the second floor of the school building, serves as the classroom of students taking French Lessons. It consists of 42 glass-in communication booth with audio devices and is fully air-conditioned.

    Speech Lab


    The library, situated at the second floor of the school building, consists of 4 long 10-seater table and lots of informative books, some of which are from the late Makati West High School. It is supervised by Mrs. Marilyn Zafra, librarian, and Mrs. Ligaya Ballados, asstistant librarian. The library also offers printing services.

  • K-ACT


    The K-Act or Knowledge Activity room which can be found at the Library, offers internet access and other computer related activities to the students of Makati Science High School.



    The Chemistry laboratory, situated at the fourth level of the campus and just beside the Physics Laboratory, serves as the room for the junior students for their chemistry classes. It has 5 octagonal tables with water and gas outlets. A fume hood can also be found inside the lab.

    Chem Lab


    The Physics laboratory serves as the room for the senior students for their Physics classes. Unlike the Chemistry Laboratory, the Physics Laboratory has no water and gas outlet in the tables and has no fume hood. It is at the top floor of the school building.

    Chem Lab


    The Cooperative store, or commonly known as the “coop,” can be found at the topmost floor of the school building and serves as the school supplies store inside the campus. It also offers photocopying services which is a big help for students and teachers alike.

    Chem Lab




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