I. Enrollment

Enrolment in this school is considered as a formal acceptance by the students of the obligation to faithfully carry out their responsibilities and their expression of willingness to collaborate with the school administration and faculty.

1.1 Applicants for admission are to secure and to accomplish application forms from the Guidance Office or Registrar Office. Only students with duly accomplished forms will be allowed to take the entrance examination.
1.2 Report Cards (Form 138) and certification of good moral character and Barangay Captain certification of residence (proofs if necessary) are requirements for enrolment.
1.3 Students shall enroll on the date set for their particular year level.
1.4 Students who fail to come on the prescribe enrolment period without valid reason forfeit the right to enroll.

II. Directives on Discipline

2.1 Uniforms – The school requires the students to attend classes and other official functions of the school in their prescribed uniform.
2.2 Identification Card

A. Every student shall be require to wear the official school I.D. card while inside the school premises. The same I.D. shall be presented for entry and for use of the school facilities and/or services.
B. The loss of an I.D. card shall be reported immediately by the students to the Discipline Board, which shall determine if the student should be issued a new I.D.

III. Attendance and Absences

3.1 The school requires regular and punctual attendance in all classes. Absence for any cause whatsoever does not exempt a student from written work (tests) and any matters required during the period of his/her absence. The responsibility for making up for such work depends upon the students.
3.2 In all cases of absences, an admission and/or excuse slip must be secured from the Guidance Office upon presentation satisfactory to said school officials. The excuse slip has to be certified by the class adviser or in his/her absence by the guidance counselors.
3.3 Three (3) instances of tardiness without valid reasons are equivalent to one (1) absence. All cases of tardiness are considered unjustified unless a letter signed by the parent/guardian is presented to the advisers.
3.4 Absences due to illness must be certified by a doctor. The implementation or appreciation of the rules on attendance may be modified at the discretion of the principal.
3.5 A student who incurs ten (10) consecutive absences or twenty (20) days inconsecutive absences in any subject area shall be notified by the members of the Discipline Board. Failure on the part of the parents to appear shall be ground for the school principal to drop him/her from the school roll of students.
3.6 A student who cuts classes shall not be admitted in all his/her classes the next day unless accompanied by his/her parent/guardian.

IV. Code of Discipline

The legal basis of the school’s authority to discipline the students is provided in the manual of regulations of the DECS, with says on: “ Rule 145… Schools shall have the authority and prerogative to promulgate such rules and regulations as they may deem necessary from time to time effective as of date of their promulgation unless otherwise specified.” No penalty shall be imposed upon any student, except for cause as defined in this Manual and/or in this school’s rules and regulations duly promulgated and only after due investigation shall have been conducted.

V. Causes of Disciplinary Action: MINOR OFFENSES

A. Violation of uniform and/or haircut regulation.
B. Not wearing/ borrowing or lending and/or tampering of I.D.
C. Bringing to school, without permission of the principal, cassette recorders, transistor radio, game an watch, cell phones and other items that tend to disrupt classes.
D. Littering and spitting.
E. Sitting on the tables and arms of chairs.
F. Wasteful use of chalk and/or writing on the blackboard without the teacher’s permit.
G. Roaming around the room during class sessions and/or occupying the seat assigned to someone else.
H. Loitering along the corridors or hallways when classes are going on.
I. Disturbance, obstruction or interference with the normal functioning of classes, school offices, and recognized school activities such as borrowing of pen, books, etc. during class hours.
J. Entering the faculty room without valid reasons.
K. Fighting or quarreling within the school premises, and/or in its immediate vicinity.

V. Causes of Disciplinary Action: SERIOUS OFFENSES

A. Extortion
B. Drunkenness and/or drinking liquor within the school premises.
C. Theft or damage to property of the school or its constituents.
D. Dishonesty such as cheating during examinations.
E. Forgery, alteration or misuse of school documents, records or credentials.
F. Vandalism which includes tearing or defacing any library books or periodicals, drawing or posting unauthorized notices on the walls, fences, post and other parts of the school building, breakage of glass window, school cases, doors, electrical devices, unauthorized removal of official notices, poster, from the Bulletin Boards and other similar acts.
G. Possession, illegal use or distribution of narcotic drugs such as LSD, marijuana, and barbiturates or operate in any form within the school premises.
H. Illegal possession or use of explosive, incendiary devices or other deadly weapons.
I. Engaging in any form of gambling within the school compound.
J. Engaging in lewd, indecent or immoral conduct within the school premises.

V. Causes of Disciplinary Action: PENALTIES

The school reserves the right, after due investigation, to subject a student found violating the rules on discipline to the following penalties depending upon the nature and gravity of the offense committed.
Reprimand – parents to see the principal Suspension and failing grade in conduct Dropping of student from the school.
Suspension – parents to see the principal Failing grade in conduct Dropping of student from the school roll.
Note: A student who commits three (3) major offenses will be recommended for expulsion.

VI. Examinations

A. Students shall take the prescribed periodical examinations scheduled during the year. However, a student who, because of justifiable reasons, fails to take the examination, may be given a special examination upon the discretion of the Discipline Board.
B. No one should leave his seat during the examinations. Students may be excused to go to the comfort room only when they are through with the examinations and their papers have been collected. However they request permission to go out one at a time only. There shall be absolute silence during the whole length of examination.
C. No student should be allowed to take examination if he/she is not complete uniform with the I.D. properly pinned on the shirt or blouse.
D. The term cheating means not only actual copying from someone but also the possession of the examinee either in his/her person or within his/her reach of any material related to the subject matter under examination. Giving another answer is also a form of cheating, as well as providing another opportunity to cheat, like talking to, looking at or holding another paper.

1. 1st OFFENSE – The student fails in the test concerned and shall be given 65 in the conduct grade of the subject.
2. 2nd OFFENSE – The student fails in the subject concerned an conduct grade in all subjects will be 65.
3. 3rd OFFENSE – The student is dropped from the roll. ( An investigation of the case shall be conducted by the Discipline Board and the findings shall be forwarded to the principal.

VII. Student Retention Policies

A. Student’s weighted general average should not be lower than 87%.
B. Parents/guardian shall voluntarily transfer out child/ward who finds difficulty in coming up with the school’s regulations/policy/standard.

VIII. Co-Curricular Activities

A. All students regardless of creed or religion are encouraged to participate in school programs and/or activities.



















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